To get a quote for your dream staircase we need information listed on our QUOTE LIST


1. Dimensions and theoretical measurements:

Stairwell height – finished floor to finished floor height difference; not just floor to ceiling.

Stairwell size – how much of the floor space will your project take, or in other words, what are the dimensions of space available for the staircase.


2. Drawings:

It would be for the best if you could provide us with a copy of architectural plans for your building with dimensions included.

If you don’t have them, you can allways make a simple drawing for us – important here is the shape of the staircase.


3. Share your inspiration: 

If you like anything from our portfolio let us know which ones are your favourites. If you have found something elswere send us some pictures. Design is a big factor in our quote. Do not forget to tell us about your favorite type of wood as well.


4. Balustrade:

What balustrade do you prefer? Frameless glass, glass in wooden frame, any shape cut alumium with wooden frame or traditional with newel post and spindles?

Not on the list? Describe your idea, we can make it!


5. Location:

We do provide our services nationwide but distance always matters. Send us your postcode so we will know.

You can also tell us briefly about buildings and its walls condition.


6. In addition:

Serious action requires a date. We need to know when do you want the staircase installed. Keep in mind that lead time of simple bespoke staircase project may take around eight weeks.

Introductory quote will be sent to you within few days of making contact.

Any other thoughts or ideas? Please share all of them with me through email:



What Next?

If you agree with our introductory quote and you are ready to progress let us know!

We will need a date when we can come and visit to take proper measurements and discuss further details.

After our visit you can enjoy your free time and we will work on final design of your dreams and their price.

If agreed we send you an contract to sign and get straight to work.

Do you want to see the dream come true? You are always welcome to visit.

If not, you can rest a bit more, just until our next visit with your own staircase!